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Daredevil: A Daring New Vision (Director’s Cut)

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson (2003)
Reviewed by The Steve without fear, added on Jan 9 2007

NOTE: If you’re looking for a full review of the Daredevil movie, you’ll have to look elsewhere. This review is only about what the new director’s cut footage has to offer.

I get a lot of flak for liking the Daredevil movie. In my opinion it’s far superior to the first Spiderman movie. Crappy as he may be in just about everything else he does, I found Ben Affleck to be much better as Matt Murdock than Tobey Maguire was as Spidey. So recently I came across the spiffy director’s cut of DD and decided to see what was so special that the movie needed a re-release.

Truth be told there isn’t much difference between the two films. There’s a lot more cussing in the new cut which I assume is supposed to make the film seem more adult or grittier. In the original Bullseye says, “I want a bloody costume” in this cut he says, “I want a fucking costume.” No big deal there. One big improvement I liked in this cut is that Daredevil acts like more of a hero. For instance during the rooftop scene with Elektra, he actually goes to help the person in trouble as opposed to the original where he hung around and nailed Jennifer Garner and her spooky receding hairline of fate. The opening flashback with Matt Murdock as a kid is also a lot longer and more involved showing a closer relationship between Matt and his dad than the original did.

The big idea of this new cut was the inclusion of an entire new subplot cut from the original film. The subplot is Murdock and Foggy Nelson representing rapper Coolio in a murder trial. Matt uses his super hearing to determine that Coolio is telling the truth. Trouble is, there is a mountain of evidence against him and so Daredevil now actually has a case to work on in the midst of his crime fighting. Up until close to the end I understood why the subplot was dropped. It has absolutely no bearing on the story until the very end. But once you see its conclusion you understand why as it fills in a big plot hole from the original movie. At the end, after DD beats the shite out of Kingpin, they hear sirens and Kingpin believes the cops are coming for Daredevil but DD corrects him and says that the word is out on the Kingpin. Ever wonder how the word got out? Bullseye sure as hell wasn’t in any condition to talk after his fight. This subplot answers that question.

The big problem with this new cut and just about any other director’s cut is that the movie is just too damn long now. The thirty minutes of new footage definitely improves the film’s quality but makes some parts drag on and on and on. By the time the new longer opening flashback with kid Matt was wrapped up I swear the original would have been halfway over. They really should have cut some more stuff out. Like Elektra. Seriously, who the hell reads the Elektra comics?

Anyways, if you like the original, you’ll like this. The story is more fleshed out and you get to see both sides of Murdock’s life, professional and crimefighting. However is you weren’t a fan of the film to begin with, the new material isn’t anything that’s going to change your mind.

Jennifer Garner’s forehead is spooky.

7 / 10

Comments from MaT...
Regarding Daredevil you say: "In my opinion it's far superior to the first Spiderman movie."

First you gave Dolls a 9/ you say Daredevil is better than Spider-Man.

You are definitely the black sheep of Well, Carlin may have you beat :)

Comments from Steve...
Before I even clicked the Carlin link I already knew what movie the link was to. And yes, Daredevil was better than the first Spiderman movie which I thought was terrible. Spiderman 2 was a lot better than both of them though. Hopefully Spiderman 3 will be better as well though I worry having so many villians is going to hurt the movie.

Tobey Maguire = Good Peter Parker/Shitty Spiderman

Comments from Steve...
And Dolls is fucking awesome!

Comments from Steve...
And shut up!

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