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The Grudge 2

Directed by Takashi Shimizu (2006)
Reviewed by Steve, added on Feb 9 2007

SPECIAL NOTE TO MAT: Gellar is only in this movie for about 5 minutes. Now there is even less reason for you to ever see this.

This movie is terrible.

I got some enjoyment out of the first Grudge. I donít think it deserved the 7/10 that MaT gave it but it was a hundred times better than this disaster.

The story is told through three separate stories. The main story involves Sarah Michelle Gellarís sister who goes to Tokyo to find out what happened to Gellar. She arrives five minutes into the movie and finds Gellar in the hospital. Gellar is crazed and tells her sister absolutely nothing of importance. ::SPOILER:: Then Gellar dies. Five minutes into the movie. I hope she made the most of her paycheck.

Gellarís sister whose name I didnít care to remember investigates the house of the first movie. Scares ensue supposedly.

The other two stories involve a trio of school girls who go into the house as part of a prank and are now being haunted and a family living in an apartment in Chicago where creepy things are happening. Yes, Chicago.

Apparently due to the fire Gellar sets at the end of the first movie the ghosts are no longer confined to the house and can now pass their curses on to anyone who has contact with someone who is already cursed. So now the creepy house from the first movie plays absolutely no part in the story. Hell, just about everything in this movie plays absolutely no part in the story. Like the ghostís mom. Gellarís sister finds the mom believing that she can tell her a way to defeat the ghost. Youíre treated to the back story of the ghost then. Her mother used to take evil spirits out of people and make her daughter eat them. The mother immediately follows this up by saying that the process had nothing to do with how the ghost became a ghost and began the curse, essentially rendering the whole revelation useless.

The ghosts have also been neutered since the first movie. The little boy ghost in the movie does nothing but grab peopleís ankles. Iím dead serious. Thatís all he does. As far as the main ghost goes, she doesnít even kill anyone. Not that youíd know of anyways. Every time she attacks someone, either they just fade away, or you get a close up of the ghostís face and in the next scene the character is gone. Now with this being a horror movie and all itís definitely implied that the people are dead. But for all we, the viewing audience know, they could very well be in Oz or Never Never Land now. Everything else they do is restricted to moving with the same jerky contortions that weíve seen in every single other Japanese horror film to ever rear its ugly head and every once in a while having their eye or hand pop up out of nowhere. The only moderately scary parts in the film were all in the previews.

The most painful part of watching this movie is trying to figure out what the hell is going on. As stated the movie is actually three stories in one but the stories arenít presented in any particular order. They donít even take place in the same time period but theyíre presented as theyíre happening simultaneously. Everything is (somewhat) explained towards the end of the movie (and I mean the END OF THE MOVIE) but it was too little too late to make up for all the ďHuh?Ēs, ďWHAT?Ēs and disbelief and confusion filled headshakes I exchanged with my girlfriend throughout the entirety of this movie. The predictable twist and wrap up linking all the stories together come in the last 30 seconds of the movie. The movie runs 92 minutes and for 91 minutes and 30 seconds you have no fucking clue what is going on. Again, Iím dead serious. This movie is like the last few Shyamalan movies. Complete crap all the way through which is supposed to be saved at the very last moment by the surprise ending. It fails just as miserably as his films.

I literally just watched this movie so maybe thatís why Iím being so negative. Itís all still fresh on my mind. Maybe Iím being too negative. Maybe someday Iíll go back and re-watch this film and think, ďhmm, that wasnít as bad as I rememberĒ.

Or this could just be a really shitty movie. The shittiest Iíve seen in a long time. Yeah, I think Iíll go with that choice. Avoid this travesty.

0 / 10

Comments from MaT...
My review of the remake.

This is one of those films that, in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have rated so "high". Maybe a 6 would be better suited. In any event, I blame the magnificent beauty of Sarah Michelle Gellar. That in and of itself is worth a couple extra points in quality :)

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