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God of War

Developed by SCEA (2005)
Reviewed by Ronin, added on Apr 5 2007

Imagine everything that Devil May Cry does, and replace the stupid “wanna be” anti-hero Dante with ultra badass supreme Kratos. Then take away the guns for range magic, chain-blades and an Ancient Greece setting and prepare to rock out with the brutal over the top action that is God of War, the first entry in Sony’s ultra violent game series. You play has the anger fueled Kratos in his path of revenge, blood decapitations, and three way sex mini games till you reach your ultimate goal, the death of Aries (god I love this game).

This is by far, one of the most violent games you will probably ever play. To say that Kratos has some ‘anger management’ problems is a huge understatement. After you’ve beat an enemy enough, you’re given the option too activate one of the many extremely brutal fatalities that range from ‘awesome’ too, ‘oh my god, I need a clean shower’. Seriously, how many other games let you beat your foe’s skull in with his own ripped off arm!!! All this brutality is delivered with ease and grace cause’ this game's got one badass combat system that never gets stale. Sure, you could just kill that damn harpy with a few swings, OR you could rip his mother fuckin’ wings off!!! Choices make this world go round, and you're given an arsenal of methods in which to unleash said pain upon ye foes. From your default chain blades (my personal favorite), a giant butcher knife, to an array of magic spells that bring on their own flavor of screen clearing greatness.

But it’s not just hacking and slashing. There’s more here then just hyper violence. This one’s got it all folks. A top notch soundtrack accompanies all the action, has well some of the best graphics and animations seen in a PS2 action game. There’s a fair bit of puzzle solving in the game has well. In fact, most of the game takes place in an area that is pretty much one big fuckin’ puzzle. And it’s all so brilliantly timed and placed that you never feel like the game is repeating itself. All you get is the great feeling of ‘more, more’.

That’s not to say that this game is prefect. For one, the camera is pretty much stuck where the developers put it and well, I’m not the biggest fan of camera angles that I have no control over. Especially when it decides that it’s had enough fun being an action game, now it wants to try its hand at platforming! The inability to control the camera at moments that require precise jumping from platform to platform will cause a lot of trial and error deaths. I don’t like trial and error deaths. This game can be pretty tough too. Those enemies I was talking about earlier? They aren’t just whistling Dixie. They’re smart, and not afraid to gang rape ya something silly yo, as the higher difficulty modes require split second blocking and counters. I enjoy a good challenge, but by crikey this game can do a number on ya. I should also note that it’s pretty short. About ten hours. Not that bad now that it’s a “Greatest Hits” title for twenty bucks, but when I bought it, that sucked ass spending $50 for a ten hour game. At least the replay value is high.

Yeah the camera can be a little bitch sometimes, and it’s a bit short too. But I dare you to just play this game once. And now that it’s a “Greatest Hits” title for twenty bucks, you really have no excuse to miss out on God of War. And it’ll keep ya busy till you can afford the sequel.

9 / 10

Comments from Jeff...
Welcome aboard, Ronin! I totally agree with you about God of War. This is a must-own for the PS2, and if you don't have a PS2, it's the sort of game that could sell you the console. I myself waited until it was a $20.00 "Greatest Hits" title because I'm just cheap like that, but after playing it for a while, I thought: Wow, this is one game that is probably worth full price. Awesome story, sky-high production values and a truly badass original character.

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