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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

Developed by Nintendo (2006)
Reviewed by Ronin, added on Jun 30 2007


This is one of the greatest video games ever made. Period. It goes in my top ten greatest games ever made. Quality and excellence flow from every corner. If you haven’t played it yet, stop reading this review and go buy a Gamecube or Wii and play this game. Go on, I’ll wait........ *whistles*...never mind. I’ll go on and review it anyway.

It’s hard to figure out where exactly to start. Twilight Princess is MASSIVE. The first area outside of the forest area you start is bigger than the Hyrulian Field in ‘Ocarina of Time’. And that’s not even 1/10 of the actual field. And there is so much to do in this huge game. Horse back riding, archery, swordplay, item collection, even sumo wrestling. Yes, sumo wrestling. Awesome, huh? All that in about the first four hours if you’re good. TP gives you more different game play types than any other Zelda game has yet. It’s also longer than any other Zelda game to date. I’m a seasoned Zelda vet. The game’s tricks aren’t new to me, and it still took me 56 hours. And I got everything too! There are nine dungeons in this bad boy- WAY more than there were in ‘Wind Waker’!

This is the Wii’s big, flagship title. All of Nintendo’s promises about how great the Wii would be were put in this game, so it’s no wonder that this is the game that gets everything about how the controls of a Wii game should work. Flick the Wii-Mote to swing your blade. Shake the nunchuck for the spin attack. Use the wii-mote for precise aiming of the bow and the claw shot. A quick forward motion of the nunchuk bashes the enemy with the shield attack. And you know what? Unlike other games, like ‘Sonic’, ‘Red Steel’, ‘Call of Duty 3’, and ‘Far Cry Vengeance’ (OH GOD that game sucks), it all works perfectly. No unregistered movement, just beautifully designed game play. When Nintendo said the Wii would bring a new style of game play, this is exactly what they meant.

I normally would be a little apprehensive about giving away too much of a games plot or big secrets. But hey, this is Deadlantern. Ever listen to the SplatterCast? It’s our policy to spoil everything we review. And we’re damn good at what we do. Twilight Princess, happens about 200 or so (give or take) years after ‘Ocarina of Time’ and ‘Majora’s Mask’. But WELL before Hyrule becomes flooded in ‘Wind Waker’. Link is a mere goat herder (god damn those are big fucking goats!) and lives in a pathetically quiet village. Of course an evil force, in this case the ‘twilight’, engulfs the land in darkness that just turns people into spirits that live like nothing has happened. But because Link has the triforce of courage, he is turned into a wolf. He meets up with an imp named Mida who is clearly more important then she wants anyone to know (she’s the Twilight Princess!). She wants your help to overthrow the current Twili (the twilight race) ruler who got evil magic from some dark force (Ganondorf). And off to the races we go! I may have made the plot sound silly, but the game does a lot to make the theme pretty dark, like ‘Majora’s Mask’. I really dig that. Nice to see a more mature, darker theme from the happy Nintendo Wii (I hear the Wii is powered by the laughter of Japanese children.)

Try has I might, I could only find two flaws with TP that are worth noting, but not worth caring about. First one is the one everyone seems to bring up: the graphics. The Wii cannot compete with the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. It’s only a little more powerful then the Gamecube. And lest you forget that TP is a Gamecube game that got ported over to the Wii. So in all actuality, this isn’t the limit of the Wii’s power, its the limit of the Gamecube. So stop whining. Second is the camera. If you actually played ‘Wind Waker’ (shame on you if you didn’t) then you got real used to that nice ‘Splinter Cell’ like camera you had full control over. That was good. It was a step forward from ‘Ocarina of Time’ and ‘Majora’s Mask’. Yay. But because the Wii lacks the C stick, you lost out on that nifty feature and are given the old 1998 camera angles of OoT. This is a step backwards. Boo. Of course, if your playing the Gamecube version, this complaint is nonexistent. But you don’t get the awesome motion controlled gaming. And besides, I never died because of the camera. So while I was very annoyed by it, it was never enough to make me hate it.

It goes in the Ronin text book has one of the top 5 best games I’ve ever played. It’s the new standard for Zelda games and all Wii games. A master piece of design that you should not miss under any circumstance. Do I even have to say it? Perfect 10.

10 / 10

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