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The Body Snatcher

Directed by Robert Wise (1945)
Reviewed by Bela Lugosi is Karloff's hand!, added on Aug 13 2007

Note: In an attempt to update our review database, we are going to be posting a brief synopsis and comments about films we have reviewed for the Splattercast. Follow the link at the end of the "review" to go to the corresponding Splattercast for our full comments. The main review score is the average of everyone's scores.

We kick it real old school this week as we review Val Lewton and Robert Wise's The Body Snatcher. The film stars Boris Karloff in one of his best roles as an ambiguously conflicted corpse snatcher who turns to murder in order to provide cadavers to a medical school. We probably spend more time on this review than any other we've ever done because MaT felt the need to "geek out" according to Steve and populate the review with a bio of Val Lewton and tons of facts that nobody will remember after listening. Still, everybody dug it and it may be the best reviewed film we've ever watched on the Splattercast.

MaT: 9.5/10
Steve: 7/10
Jeff: 8/10
Deejay: 7/10

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7.9 / 10

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