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Halloween (Rob Zombie)

Directed by Rob Zombie (2007)
Reviewed by The Newly Blind and Drunk, added on Sep 3 2007

Note: In an attempt to update our review database, we are going to be posting a brief synopsis and comments about films we have reviewed for the Splattercast. Follow the link at the end of the "review" to go to the corresponding Splattercast for our full comments. The main review score is the average of everyone's scores.

Oh boy. We decide to check out Rob Zombie's much hyped remake of Halloween and the results aren't pretty. MaT proudly declares it the worst film he's ever seen, even worse than last week's film Dead Clowns and laments Zombie destroying the character of Michael Myers for future generations of horror fans. Jeff, usually Mr. Easy to Please, couldn't find anything to like in this movie other than Danielle Harris' boobs. Brady would have walked out of the theater had he not needed to review it for the cast, and Deejay refuses to give a solid answer (probably because he was drunk), only vaguely mumbling something about the last act being a 4 while complaining about everything else with the exception of Scout Taylor Compton who is "soooo hoooottt". Listen to us piss on Rob Zombie's face on Splattercast 42.

MaT: Worse than Dead Clowns/10
Jeff: 0/10
Brady: 0/10
Deejay: 4/10

Listen to us castrate Rob Zombie on Splattercast #42!

1 / 10

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