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28 Weeks Later

Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (2007)
Reviewed by Steve, added on Oct 12 2007

True story: after watching this movie for the first time, I was so pissed off that I snapped the disc (it was a burned copy) in half. Well I tried anyways. I would have settled for it being in halves but instead the disc exploded into about a million splinters. I quickly grabbed my trusty Dirt Devil cordless vacuum and sucked up all of the splinters so my carpet wouldn’t be infected by the sky high shit levels coming off of this movie. My theory now is that the disc this movie was ass-raped onto was so distraught about having this movie on it that it collapsed at the atomic level. Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. Total protonic reversal. That’s what happened to this disc.

So here’s the story. Rage zombies attack a house. Everyone is killed/infected except for the husband who leaves his wife behind. Several weeks later (28 in fact) the infection has been all but eradicated. Britain has been reopened and a safe zone has been established by the U.S. military. The country is being repopulated. The children of the husband from the first segment return home. They had been overseas when the infection broke out. They sneak out of the safe zone to get things from their old house and stumble across their mom, the wife the husband left behind in the beginning, who was believed dead. Turns out she’s immune to the virus…sort of. She has one blue eye and one brown eye and through reasons never explained in the movie, this allows her to have the virus without its symptoms. Unfortunately she can still spread the virus. Husband finds the wife whose now being held by the military and she unwittingly infects him. Then everything from the first movie repeats itself minus all of the fun and excitement.

Apparently the cast from the first movie was smart enough not to get involved in this shit fest. So instead we have an entirely new cast that sucks beyond all levels of comprehension. The two children are the main characters yet every time they’re on the screen I found myself wanting to smash my head through my TV. They are the most annoying, uninteresting characters ever in a horror movie. Ever. The adult characters aren’t much of a help either. Really anytime anyone was doing anything besides running away from zombies I found myself sneaking peeks at my clock and yawning. Somehow next to nothing in this movie has the capability to hold one’s attention. Though I think the writing probably had a lot to do with that. You’re supposed to feel bad for these children whose mom is now dead and whose dad is now a zombie trying to kill them but you just can’t. All the kids do is whine and all the adults do is try to keep them alive so they can whine more. It’s hard to feel sorry for the husband after he leaves his wife to die and it’s even harder to feel sorry for the kids since they caused this whole mess. I really wanted one of the military guys at some random point in the movie to turn to the kids and say, “Hey, good job on causing the Apocalypse again!” and then shoot them both in the face. That would have been awesome. And it would have made the movie interesting for a few seconds since there’s a good forty-five minutes between the opening attack and the main big attack where nothing happens in the film. Really the only person you can feel sorry for is the wife but she’s only in the movie for about ten minutes, tops. Oh, I feel sorry for the people who paid to see this movie in theaters too. They’re the real losers here.

The gore is pretty much the same we saw in the first film, just more of it. Eyes are gouged, arms are bitten, heads are smashed, and zombies are shot. The highlight of the movie involves helicopter blades tearing down zombies.

Spinning helicopter rotor blades + zombies = awesome!

But the gore is nowhere near being able to save this movie. The acting is bad, the story is terrible and the characters are uninteresting to the point where it’s not even fun to watch them die. This is another sad case of a great movie being followed by a piss poor sequel (I’m looking at you too Pirate of the Caribbean). Avoid this movie like a plane full of skydivers in Washington falling on your head.

2 / 10

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