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Directed by Andrew Currie (2006)
Reviewed by Splattercast, added on Feb 27 2008

Note: In an attempt to update our review database, we are going to be posting a brief synopsis and comments about films we have reviewed for the Splattercast. Follow the link at the end of the "review" to go to the corresponding Splattercast for our full comments. The main review score is the average of everyone's scores.

Deejay selected this film for us to watch and it involves a strange bizarro 50's world where zombies have become domesticated servants. A young boy befriends a zombie he names Fido and comedic hijinks ensue. There's not a lot of stuff going on, but most of the Splattercast guys thought it was good, if not great. Unless you're Deejay, who was messed up on salad shooters when he gave his ridiculously high rating.

MaT: 5/10
Jeff: 6/10
Brady: 6.5/10
Deejay: 8.5/10

Play fetch with a domesticated zombie on Splattercast #66!

6.5 / 10

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