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The Rage

Directed by Robert Kurtzman (2007)
Reviewed by MaT, added on Mar 18 2008

I'm not sure how long a review of The Rage can be since there's not all that much to it. For some context, I just reviewed Midnight Syndicate's soundtrack to the film, so I thought it would be a good thing to actually see the film I heard the music for. Without further ado...

Pretty simple plot here. Andrew Divoff plays a Communist scientist pissed off at the greedy capitalist whore of the world: The U.S. of A. Hey, already I can relate! Anywho, Divoff created a cure for cancer. The big companies decided not to give it to people since their profits would evaporate if diseases were cured. Divoff was exiled. So what's a pissed off Commie to do? Why, create a new serum that causes people to mutate and kill anything in site...and posess the only antidote! Only then will the slimy rat bastard capitalists meet their karmic demise! STOP ENSLAVING HUMANITY FOR YOUR GREED FILLED MACHINATIONS! LONG LIVE KARL, went a little off the deep end there. Back to The Rage...

As you'd expect, Divoff's mad scientist loses control of his creations. Pretty soon, they are running loose, helped by the fact that some awful CGI vultures spread a new strain that will destroy all life on the planet that Divoff, now infected himself, must cure by experimenting on a group of pot smoking teens who have unwittingly become involved in the mess. That's pretty much the story. Capitalism sucks, and even in the face of destruction, the altruistic Commie scientist will try and save the human species...albeit by testing on victims. But hey, the collective is bigger than the individual!

This flick is non-stop gore. When I say "non-stop", I mean about 75% of the film has some sort of blood, puss, goo, or vomit on screen at any given time. Kudos must be given to the makeup team because everything looks great. This is some of the best gore FX work I've seen in a low-budget film in a long time and the sheer amount of it enhances the impressive value. The CGI is shit, though, and those goddamn vultures are stupid looking. But I can look past that. The acting is some of the worst you'll see. I hate Misty Mundae (Credited as Erin Brown now that she's escaped the soft-core hell that is Seduction Cinema and going "legit" by refusing nude scenes) and this film proves that she's just as bad an actor with clothes on as she is with her clothes off. Divoff is the only actor in the whole film that is awesome and he's worth the price of admission alone. And how is that Midnight Syndicate score? I actually liked the music on its own better than in the film. The reason is that the film is obviously not trying to take itself seriously, so the dramatic impact of the music loses a lot of its muster when you're not supposed to be in suspense, but rather laughing.

I'd recommend The Rage for Divoff and the excellent makeup and gore work. The anti-capitalism theme is pretty funny because it's so overt. It's obviously supposed to be taken for laughs. They DO want to make money on this movie, after all. Reggie Banister shows up in a small cameo and makes a really bad Phantasm joke. If it helps the review, this is a total Deejay movie. There's only one nude scene in the film but it totally makes up for it in sheer ridiculous set pieces. It also made my girlfriend jump in one spot, so it's got that going for it. A pretty fun flick.

6.5 / 10

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