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The Ruins

Directed by Carter Smith (2008)
Reviewed by The dude who shot that little kid dead when he touched the vines, added on Apr 9 2008

Note: In an attempt to update our review database, we are going to be posting a brief synopsis and comments about films we have reviewed for the Splattercast. Follow the link at the end of the "review" to go to the corresponding Splattercast for our full comments. The main review score is the average of everyone's scores.

Somewhat surprisingly, we all agreed that The Ruins was a pretty good flick. It lost points for not living up to the potential set forth by the premise, and for the characters doing some incredibly stupid things, but overall, it's a decent genre flick with a great setting and some good performances. We disagreed on whether or not the ending was handled properly and whether or not there the gore quotient should have been upped. A fun flick worth checking out with some major problems that keep it from really being all it could be.

MaT: 6.25/10
Jeff: 7/10
Steve: 6/10

Don't leave an injured man next to some killer vines on Splattercast #73!

6.4 / 10

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