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Automaton Transfusion

Directed by Steven C. Miller (2006)
Reviewed by Steve, added on Apr 9 2008

Automaton Transfusion is all about zombies. And holy shit, it’s good! I’m not use to having a movie with zombies also be good. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

Automaton Transfusion tells the story of a quite town overrun with zombies. But before that, it’s a story of three stoner, loser friends. They don’t get along with the popular people so it really doesn’t set well with everyone when the “leader” of this three man group begins dating one of the popular cheerleaders. Tempers are running high, but then those crazy undead cannibals show up to wreak havoc. The three losers must navigate a city full of zombies in order to make it to a party and rescue the cheerleader girlfriend before she’s eaten. Simple enough right? It is when all three of these friends seem to be related to MacGyver.

There’s not much to tell about this flick really. The movie is just plain fun. There’s little story aside from our heroes plus the leader’s girlie whirl trying to stay alive (well not until the end anyways). The best kinds of horror movies involve small groups of people trapped in one place while trying to keep the bad things out. This movie has several moments like that as our heroes try to take shelter in houses, bars, and the high school. The movie has some cool gore and well above average acting which makes the movie feel less and less like an indie flick. I love the fetus getting ripped out of the pregnant chick. Wow that really makes me sound messed up, huh? The characters are great even though they are very 2-D and the friendship between the guys really makes you want them all to survive.

The movie is brought down a bit by a lame, overused explanation for the zombies tacked on at the end (SPOILER: it’s a military experiment for the billionth time) and several moments where some characters’ actions require just too much suspension of disbelief. One guy’s buddy gets killed, so the remaining buddy is going to sacrifice himself to the zombies for no reason? Lame. The movie would have been better without the by the books military back story. It also would have been better if the movie didn’t end with a “TO BE CONTINUED”. Don’t you hate that? Give me a real ending. You can still go make a sequel. Bastards.

But like I said, this is a fun movie, a definitely worth checking out. The acting and production values are much higher than you’d expect and the movie is terribly simple – but in a good way. I just wish I had waited until the sequel was already out before I popped this in the old DVD player. Short reviews mean you have more time to watch movies, and definitely not that I’m just lazy.

6.5 / 10

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