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Jeepers Creepers

Directed by Victor Salva
Reviewed by Adam, added on Jan 1 2005

I remember when "Jeepers Creepers" was first released back in 2001, I was hesitant to see it. Up until that point, most horror films were of the hip, holier-than-thou "Scream" school of poking fun at horror itself. I was, quite frankly, tired of that kind of horror. I wanted old-school, monsters/killers-tearing-dumb-kids-to-shreds horror. Thankfully, "Jeepers Creepers" delivered - for the most part...

The first half hour of the film is some of the most original horror seen in years. You know how people always say things like "I was on the edge of my seat"? Well, I truly was. Watching the Creeper chase Darryl (Justin Long) and Trish (Gina Phillips) down the road, in his giant, beat-up truck, is absolutely nerve-wracking. The rest of the film isn't up to par, but is still pretty damn good. There's lots of good, old-fashioned horror violence. The ending is plenty gruesome, and gave me one hell of a chill.

If there's one truly dark spot on this film's otherwise clean slate, it's the psychic lady. She really isn't necessary to get the film's plot moving along. I guess Salva (who also wrote the screenplay) put her in the film to help explain just what the hell the Creeper is, and what it's up to. Personally, I like my villains to have an air of mystery. I don't need everything explained (not that she does a very good job anyway).

The Creeper itself is a pretty damn cool monster, and deserves to be recognized alongside horror icons like Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees (although he compares more favorably to the Wolfman, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon). His reason for killing is pure and blameless, really - he needs to eat human body parts to regenerate. It is in his nature - can we really hold that against him? OK, yeah, I guess we can... Nevertheless, there's not much that can stop this bastard, as Darryl and Gina learn to their dismay.

Damn, writing about this movie makes me want to watch it again. I mean, OK, it's not exactly a horror classic, but it ain't half bad either. It's one of those weekend rental flicks - you'll love it while you have it, but you won't care about it the week after. If you're a horror fan like me - and I'm guessing most people that frequent this site are - then you'll enjoy "Jeepers Creepers." Hell, you may even like it more than me...

7.75 / 10

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