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The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Directed by Larry Blamire
Reviewed by MaT, added on Jan 1 2005

This movie is camp at its finest. "Lost Skeleton..." is a spoof of cheesy 50's B horror films that have gained a major cult following around the world. The story centers around a professor looking for Atmosphereum, the "rarest of all elements in the universe." Why is he looking for it? Because he's a scientist! And scientists study science! Also looking for the Atmosphereum are a couple of aliens who have crashed their spaceship and inadvertently released a horrible mutant, and an evil scientist trying to use the Atmosphereum to bring the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra back to life.

This movie is hilarious. If you love 50's B flicks, then you'll love the great attention to detail that this movie brings. Wooden acting? Check. Monster wearing boots? Check. A woman made from forest animals? Check. This movie has it all, and is expertly written. Its like they took the best parts of every campy movie from the past and threw them into this script. The line deliveries are timed perfectly, which might not seem like a very important thing in a movie such as this, but it is required to make the movie funny. This could have been just another really bad B flick, but instead, it becomes an A spoof of a B flick.

The film is in black and white and it was filmed on digital video so some of the backgrounds are a little grainy, but that suits the "feel" of the movie even better. The grainy film quality complements what the filmmakers were trying to do which is to make it look like an old movie. The Mutant costume is hilarious, looking like a corncob with three big eyeballs on the top, and the Skeleton, which looks like something that was picked up at Wal-Mart. In fact, some of the funniest scenes are when the Skeleton is "moving", the makers make no attempt to hide the strings pulling the skeleton around.

The music is also top notch. It sounds exactly as you would expect a movie from the 50's to sound.

The only downside I really found with this film is that it tends to lose a little steam towards the end. As the movie heads toward the climactic finish, the laughs seem to come fewer and fewer. The final battle between the Skeleton and the Mutant is also a little tacky, even for a B-movie spoof. Overall though, this film is a must see and will almost definitely achieve the cult status that ironically enough, it seems to be parodying. A great film, and a great comedy.

8 / 10

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