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Return to Horror High

Directed by Bill Froehlich
Reviewed by MaT, added on Jan 1 2005

This 80's horror/comedy is most famous for starring (briefly, since he dies in the first 15 minutes) a then not-so-famous George Clooney. If you've ever wanted to see George Clooney get sliced up by a masked killer dressed like the Scream baddie, while wearing bright yellow cleaning gloves, then you'll be happy with this film. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a scary, suspense filled, highly entertaining splatter flick, you'll be sorely disappointed.

The flick does a decent job at trying to combine humor and "horror". You can tell that the filmmakers have their tongue firmly planted in cheek, but most of the self-referential jokes didn't make me laugh at all. If you are wondering what the story is about, a few years back, a killer chopped up a bunch of kids. Now, a movie crew has come to shoot a film based on the murders and wouldn't you know, somebody is picking off the cast and crew one by one. This is all framed around a series of "flashbacks" by the writer of the horror flick, who is the apparent sole survivor of the massacre and is telling the story of what happened to the police, who have arrived to the scene of the crime.

Like I said before, the film is more of a parody/comedy than a real slasher flick. The kills are unoriginal and most of the death scenes cut-away so you rarely see any gore whatsoever. The masked killer is barely in the movie at all, and the big finale is filled with so many twists that by the time the movie is over, you'll be completely confused as to who the killer is/was, and how all the characters tie into each other. Its really a shame because the concept was good, but it wasn't pulled off well at all. It seemed like the filmmakers were trying to be too hip and smart and ended up making a convoluted mess.

There were some highlights. The director and producer in the film were hilarious. Some of the gore that they did show was quite well done and looked believable. And Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady from the Brady Bunch) made me laugh. Unfortunately, the negative aspects far outweigh anything decent. This was a waste of a good concept ("Terror Firmer" did it much better).

4.75 / 10

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