Robo-Mummy Casting Notice!

We’re looking for a few roles to fill out our feature length film RETURN OF THE ROBO-MUMMY FROM OUTER SPACE PART 7!

  • ATOMIC SKELETON (Supporting role, Male, tall, physical build, 18-49) – We need an Atomic Skeleton to fight two other Monsters!
  • TV Reporter (Minor role, Male or Female 20-49) – We need a CNN style reporter to talk about the President’s dipping approval numbers!
  • MOTHER (Minor role, Female, 25-49) – We need a mother who knows how to make grilled cheese!
  • CHILD (Minor role, Male or Female, 7-11) – We need a child who just doesn’t want to eat grilled cheese!

All roles aside from the ATOMIC SKELETON have lines.  The ATOMIC SKELETON will require a lot of physicality covered in a skeleton body suit. These roles will be shot over the course of 1 day in Lyons, Nebraska September 7, 8, or 9. We can work around your schedule.

Please e-mail if you are interested in being part of this feature length 50’s homage to cheesy scifi horror films!

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