In 1999, while in High School, Mathew Kister, Deejay Scharton, and Braden Johnson created the short film A RIPPER RUNS THROUGH IT as part of a school art project. Even though the filming turned out to be a complete disaster beings that they had no idea what they were doing, they caught the bug. Dead Lantern Pictures was formally created in 2005 when Braden’s uncle became part of a consortium that purchased the historic Grand Theatre in Grand Island, Nebraska. After a tour, we immediately said “Hey, can we make a movie here?”. Somehow, they told us “Sure” and over the course of the summer we dove head first into a feature length film about killer ghosts. It is on this production that we met Steve Eaton, who would then become an integral actor/producer for us ever since and the rest, as they say, is history.

For over a decade, Dead Lantern Pictures has been making microbudget indie horror films, both feature length (THE GRAND HORROR, OUTPOST DOOM, THE EYES OF ISABELLE, and SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE) as well as short films such as BENEATH THE COMPOUND, SLEEP TIGHT, and BLOOD MODEL. It is our goal over the course on the next year to get our entire library archived on our youtube channel as well as explore new types of film styles, such as animation, which will be part of our first sequel: CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE.

Stay tuned for more microbudget horror of varying degrees of quality over the next year!