Shivers Down Your Spine (2015)

In the midst of struggling to finish THE EYES OF ISABELLE, we came up with an idea to shoot a monthly webseries of short films that centered around urban legends.  We ended up filming a ton of these shorts and never actually put them on the web. So, once we had all of these, we were like “What do we do with them?” Obviously, the answer is “Write a wraparound story and turn them into a feature length anthology!” And thus, SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE was born. Not only was this the most successful film we had done, both critically and “commercially”, but it sort of got our mojo going again after a lot of soul killing Isabelle filming. We went wild on this one, shooting different styles and genres which resulted in such films as our retro 80’s killer Santa flick A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY or our creepy film noir SHORTLY AFTER NIGHTFALL.  The above cover artwork was done once again by Charlie Cody with the packaging put together by T.J. Roe. The trailer for the film is below. Keep checking this page as we update it with more stuff, including purchasing information.



  • Horror Society: Shivers Down Your Spine is one of the funnest movie experiences I have had in awhile.  The film has laughs, drama, blood, slashers, and boobs.  My god, does it have boobs.  This is one film that you will have to see.”
  • We Live Entertainment: “This is a lot of fun. I didn’t know what to expect going into it and I came out of it very entertained.”
  • Beneath the Underground:Shivers Down Your Spine packs enough fun and entertainment to make it one of the strongest anthology entries in recent years.”
  • Adam the Movie God: “Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of Shivers Down Your Spine”
  • The Movie Waffler: “audiences should watch Shivers Down Your Spine – with its variety of ideas, bare enthusiasm and value for money, it’s a welcome addition to the horror anthology format. Schlocky and scary fun.”
  • Horror News: Shivers Down Your Spine is a masterpiece in its category”
  • Body Count Rising: “Everyone involved should feel proud of what they accomplished”
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