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The Splattercast #153 - Tuesday, October 20, 2009
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this show is dedicated to the awesomeness of boobs!

Our breast cancer awareness special is all about the greatness of breasts and why they should be saved. We give facts and info on prevention, Deejay explains how to give a Breast Self-Exam, and we discuss the role breasts have played in the horror genre. On top of that, we have a bunch of fans, celebs, and other podcasters who contributed material for the show. It's two (see what I did there?) hours of mammary goodness. A very special thanks to everyone who contributed, especially those who relayed tough stories about their own encounters with breast cancer, and helped make this one of the most rewarding Splattercast episodes we've ever done. And thanks to our great gal pal Ali who added immensely to the discussion and helped provide some covering fire from Deejay's typical drunken rants :)
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