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Outpost Doom DVD- $10.00

Outpost Doom is a feature length horror film from Dead Lantern Pictures. After escaping a prison chain gang, two cons find themselves stalked by a horrific tentacled creature during a pounding rainstorm. Seeking shelter, they come across an old barn where they soon discover a decapitated body and a group of fellow survivors. As they struggle for answers, it soon becomes clear that there is something monstrous hiding in their midst that is far more deadly than the creature outside…and it’s gruesomely picking them off one by one! As the fragile trust amongst strangers disintegrates into death and chaos, who will survive the night?

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Special Features: Photo Gallery, Deleted Scenes, 2 Commentary tracks with Director, Producer, and Lead Actor, “To Peoria and Beyond: Outpost Doom at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival” Documentary, Easter Eggs.

Night of the Living Dead meets The Creeping Terror!” – Eric of The Dark Hours Podcast

“An Atmospheric, stylish whodunnit, steeped in the Universal tradition…Outpost Doom is barnyard horror at its finest!”Rachel Shatto, Zombiegrrlz

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