The Grand Horror

Outpost Doom coming to a theater near you!

For those of you in the Nebraska area, I wanted to make sure you know about a our movie screening!

Outpost Doom, which we are very happy to exclaim to the world has been selling very well (thank you everyone who has bought a copy!), is going to be shown in a bonafide 100 year old theater this weekend!

Friday, October 29th in Grand Island Nebraska. The Grand Theater (the very location where we filmed The Grand Horror) will be showing our film! Festivities start at 9:30pm where the cast and crew will talk a little bit about the making of the movie before taking any questions you might have. Show starts at 10pm and we will be selling and signing DVD’s in the lobby!

If that doesn’t get you excited, then the fact that ticket prices are only $2.00 and will be used to help renovate the theater….rad, right?!

Most of the cast will be hanging out at Bonzai pizza a couple hours before the show, so stop by and hang out while eating delicious pizza and drinking ice cold keg root beer.

p.s. Thank to T.J. who made the flyer. Don’t forget to send him facebook messages gushing about how cool it is to be a rockstar and visit him at

Tentacles infesting IMDB….

Hey look! Outpost Doom is slowly making its way onto the Internet Movie Database! Long time readers will know it took us 5 years to get The Grand Horror listed.

The DVD was supposed to be ready this month, but of course, we never meet our deadlines. So maybe next month…or the month after…who knows?

Also, Deejay wants you to know that The Grand Horror is available for 2 bucks on Amazon. Just like Charles Band, we’ve discovered some unsold original TGH DVD’s that were hanging out inside a musty old trunk underneath the stairs of Spooky McPhee’s haunted mansion. There’s been talk of bundling them with OD, or maybe taking them to Horrorhound Weekend in November where we might have a DL booth set up.

Some of you may know that we are prepping a new film this summer. It’s actually going to link the events of TGH and OD into our mythology. Whereas both of those films took place after the darkness event, our new film will take place before, during, and immediately after and will include characters and locations from the first two films to give you a bigger sense of what exactly is going on with all the monsters running around the greater world at large. All of this will be wrapped around the coolest slasher film you’ve ever seen. More info on that in the coming weeks….

Big things are on the horizon from Dead Lantern Pictures!

Outpost Doom and The Grand Horror reviewed on Horrorphilia

Everyone knows about Horrorphilia‘s upcoming loss to us in the Wishmaster Cast Battle, but what you probably don’t know is that, well, they actually exist. That’s right, we’re not making it up, it’s an actual “podcast”. I know, you all that it was just a dumb joke we were playing on you. We decided a while back to steal their 3 listeners by allowing them to review Outpost Doom. Because they need the spotlight on their shitty podcast, and the fact that they are like hungry dogs begging for our table scraps, they decided to dedicate an entire show to us. Yeah, that’s right, in the midst of our battle, they felt the need to slurp us with free press (bad publicity is still good publicity!).

Their show is up now.

I’m not going to listen to this episode because no Texan or Swede is even qualified on any level to discuss horror, so why bother? But there it is for those of you who are curious.

I notice in the show notes that they claim to read an “e-mail” from me. That’s weird, cuz I just got one from Borp and Gonzo that I’m going to read on next week’s show….

Oh, and Deejay is all about capitalism (except when he’s being a socialist and funding our moviemaking adventures at a loss) and wants me to remind all of you that you can rent The Grand Horror, or buy it, from

P.S. Look at this…could it be? 🙂

The Grand Horror on

The Grand Horror dvd sold out long ago, never to see another printing. We’ve gotten some feedback over the years of people lamenting the fact that they didn’t have the opportunity to see it. I don’t know why, because it’s nothing you’d ever want to see.

However, the greatest $300 movie ever made has finally gotten an air of “legitimacy”. It’s now available for rental on

That’s right. We’re on How crazy is that? If this doesn’t get us on IMDB, nothing will.

Splattercast 155



This week, Steve and I suffer through an extended review of 666 Demon Child, the film that was the inspiration for The Grand Horror. The rest of the show is devoted to reminiscing about Outpost Doom as we get ready to trek to Peoria for our world premiere at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival this Saturday.

Outpost Doom… finally?


Been a long time since an Outpost Doom update, huh?

For those of you who are new readers and don’t know, we filmed a monster movie last summer. If you’ve seen The Grand Horror then you know we take so long to release our films because we are meticulous perfectionists. Actually, we just hate the editing process. Despise it, really. Mostly because we never label our tapes and it’s a nightmare to try and go through them all. That’s the downside to being total professionals in everything we do.

I guess I can spill the beans on a crisis we had a couple weeks back since said crisis has been averted *knock on wood*. We thought we lost all of the footage. All of it. In a horrible harddrive malfunction. That would have entailed us reuploading 30+ 60 minute tapes and beginning the editing process all over again. Cardiac arrest feels awful, by the way. Fortunately, the micro-budget cinema gods were smiling upon me and I found a secondary harddrive that I had completely forgotten existed that had backups of most everything on it. Crisis averted….for now.

Beginning tomorrow, producer extraordinaire Deejay and myself will be locked in Spooky McPhee’s Mansion and/or Jeff’s house for the next few weekends completing the full edit of the film. If all goes according to plan, the final cut will be as close to finished by the end of August as is possible. From there, it’ll be up to Deejay to work on the snazzy computer fx work (yeah, you read that correctly. Funny story behind that. You’ll have to wait for the DVD commentary track, though).

Hopefully, we can get the film completely finished in time to submit it to Drunken Zombie’s film festival in November. That’s our goal, anyway. It’s too soon to tell whether or not we’ll be able to get it done in time, but if we do, Deejay, Steve, and myself plan to invade Peoria, Illinois and Splattercast the town red. We’ll see what happens, but deadlines are a good thing. It’ll keep us motivated to finish it.

A couple months back I made a comment that I was sick of people asking me when Outpost Doom would be out. Now that that the ball is rolling again, I’m going to ask all of you to keep harping on us until we get it done. E-mail us. Post on the forums. Record a comment. Pester us until our minds mentally crack under the strain. Publicly shame us on your horror podcast. Anything…just keep on our case.

I want to leave Peoria a smoldering husk of a town when we leave. Outpost Doom is going to be La Fin Absolue du Monde only with a nuclear assfart after it’s all over. Help us destroy Middle America.

NOTE: you see, being a horror filmmaker, it is ingrained into our DNA to brag about how totally and amazingly awesome our shitty movie is. Horror and Marketing screw each other every night and create glorious illusions of expectation. We’re going to blow your mind…in some respect, anyway 🙂

P.S. Glorious Illusions of Expectation is my new band name.

I’m somebody now!

tjroe-snznWhat up, motherfuckers!? Thanks to producer Wes Laurie (friend of Dead Lantern!) and director Sean Cain I am officially on for my portrayal of Target Practice Zombie #1 in the upcoming Silent Night, Zombie Night.

I promise that I will use my newfound power to try to get those heartless IMDB cocksuckers to finally accept The Grand Horror into their tome now that a BIG NAME ACTOR such as myself can attach himself to it.

Apparently mostly-filling the Grand Theater and selling out our first edition of DVDs wasn’t enough for them!

A Scene from Outpost Doom


You can view a better version of this scene on our Vimeo page.

I keep getting harassed pretty regularly about “Outpost Doom” so I figured I’d be nice and post a scene from the film to tide you over for another year or two (just kidding….I hope). I was debating whether or not to show something with blood, gore, and monsters, but you’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to see the hot shit 🙂 Instead, here’s a short dialogue scene with most of the actors in the film. Longtime Splattercast listeners will notice that Steve, Jeff, and Brady lend their thespian acting skills to it.  Really hardcore Dead Lantern fans will notice that Jeff G., Rhyann, and Jeremy all hail from the indie masterpiece The Grand Horror (copies still available 😉 )

The scene is a “rough cut” in the truest sense. There has been no audio/lighting corrections done. It’s just raw footage cut together into a semblence of a scene. My hope is that you can see just by this pretty standard dialogue sequence that the film already looks and sounds better than The Grand Horror.

Maybe this will whet your appetite for the time being.  And hopefully this will keep Jackie and Codey off my back for awhile 🙂