The 2nd Annual Splatcademy Awards


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Here are the nominees

Best Film

* Hellboy II: The Golden Army
* Inside
* Let the Right One In
* Splinter
* The Last Winter

Best Director

* Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, Inside
* Jaume Baleguero and Paco Plaza, Rec
* Larry Fessenden, The Last Winter
* Toby Wilkins, Splinter
* Tomas Alfredson, Let the Right One In

Best Actor

* Brian Cox, Red
* Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
* Joel Moore, Spiral
* Michael C. Hall, Dexter
* Ron Perlman, The Last Winter

Best Actress

* Alysson Paradis, Inside
* Belen Rueda, The Orphanage
* Jes Weixler, Teeth
* Karina Testa, Frontier(s)
* Naomi Watts, Funny Games

Achievement in Cinematography

* Hellboy II: The Golden Army
* Midnight Meat Train
* Mirrors
* Rogue
* The Last Winter

Best Foreign Horror Film

* Frontier(s)
* Inside
* Let the Right One In
* Rec
* The Cottage

Achievement in Makeup

* Hellboy II: The Golden Army
* Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
* Midnight Meat Train
* Poultrygeist
* Tokyo Gore Police

Achievement in Visual Effects

* Cloverfield
* Hellboy II: The Golden Army
* Mirrors
* Rec
* The Ruins

Best Screenplay, Original or Adapted

* Let the Right One In
* Red
* Teeth
* The Orphanage
* The Signal

Achievement in Sound/Score

* Cloverfield
* Hellboy II: The Golden Army
* Poultrygeist
* Repo: The Genetic Opera
* The Strangers

Best Death Scene

* Fishing Line/Barb Wire Sequence, Return to Sleepaway Camp
* Head in a meat slicer, Poultrygeist
* Jaw Detach, Mirrors
* Swimming Pool Sequence, Let the Right One In
* Table Saw Evisceration, Frontier(s)

Best Villain

* Grady, Fear Itself: Skin and Bones
* La Femme, Inside
* Prof Monster, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
* The Smoker, Left 4 Dead
* The Joker, The Dark Knight

Achievement in Breasts

* Eva Derrek, Werewolf in a Women’s Prison
* Laura Ramsey, The Ruins
* Moneca Delain, Lost Boys II: The Tribe
* Moran Atias, Mother of Tears
* Robin Sydney, Wicked Lake

Best No to Low Budget Indie

* Dance of the Dead
* Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
* Splinter
* Teeth
* The Signal

Scariest Scene/Moment

* Arm Break/Amputation, Splinter
* Final night vision sequence, Rec
* Leg Amputation, The Ruins
* Man Pinned to Windshield, Stuck
* Scissor C-Section, Inside

Best Horror Podcast Not Named The Splattercast

* Drunken Zombie Podcast
* Dinner for Fiends
* HorrorMovieFans Radio
* Mail Order Zombie
* Night of the Living Podcast

Best Horror Blog/Website Not Named

* Final Girl
* Arrow in the Head
* Horror YearBook
* The Groovy Age of Horror
* Tomb it May Concern

Scream Queen of the Year

* Tiffany Shepis
* Amber Heard
* Jill Wagner
* Rhona Mitra
* Penny Drake

Best Television Series

* Dexter
* Estate of Panic
* Fear Itself
* Scare Tactics
* True Blood

Achievement in Horror Design/Key Art

* Cloverfield
* Funny Games
* Saw V
* The Eye
* The Ruins