“The Calling of the Things Beyond” Casting Call!

Dead Lantern Pictures will be shooting a short film this February in Lincoln, Nebraska inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The film is a psychological horror film and centers around a group of theatre actors practicing for a performance of a mysterious newly discovered play and unwittingly wake an ancient being. Here’s the cast breakdown:

  • Abigail (Female Co-Lead, 20-29): The director and star of the play “The Calling of the Things Beyond”, Abigail discovers a strange artifact in an old trunk that brings the play to life…and death. She secretly has a thing for Audrey.
  • Audrey (Female Co-Lead, 20-29): A fellow actor, Audrey is excited to be in her first real play and she will do whatever she can to impress Abigail. Including..murder?… Note: this role would require brief toplessness and monster prosthetics.
  • Randolph (Male Supporting 40-55): The owner of the theatre, Randolph is a strange fellow who comes across as a little too interested in the college kids. He selected Abigail to lead the production of their final theatrical performance. Note: Makeup and possible prosthetics required.
  • Morgan (Female Supporting 20-29): She’s very sorority and is being forced to participate as part of a community service sentence. She’s more interested in her looks and finding cute guys than being part of the production. Note: Makeup and possible prosthetics required.
  • Charles (Male Supporting 20-29): A quiet, shy loner whose motives for being in the play are not clear to those involved. Note: Makeup and possible prosthetics required.
  • Asenath (Female Supporting 20-29): Passed over for director of the show by Randolph, Asenath holds a strong grudge against Abigail. The two frequently clash over the direction. Note: Makeup and possible prosthetics required.

We will be shooting this short film in Lincoln, Nebraska in mid to late February. There is no pay for this short, however, food fill be provided, footage will be given for your reels, and this short will be part of the upcoming CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE horror anthology, which releases in Summer of 2019. https://youtu.be/epI5l0zZyNc 

We will be casting this incredibly quick due to the project fast approaching. If you are interested, please e-mail us at DeadLanternPictures@gmail.com ASAP with your preferred character and we will send you instructions on the video audition process.

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