The Dead Lantern Cinematic Timeline

Way back when Dead Lantern Pictures started in 2005, we made a feature film named THE GRAND HORROR (TGH). We then followed that up with OUTPOST DOOM, which took place in the same universe and mentioned characters and locations from TGH. Some years later we completed THE EYES OF ISABELLE which served as a prequel to our first two features. From the very beginning, I have had the idea to tie all Dead Lantern films into a shared universe. Now, I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and say every single film we’ve ever done was intentionally designed to be part of some master plan, but I’d say about 75% were. Some ties are major, some are minor, but the vast majority of our films have percolated in my mind as to where they would fit in the “timeline”. And for those that didn’t, well, why not place them?! With some creative character connections, locations, etc, I can get everything to fall neatly into place (well, for the most part). Below you will find the information for all of our films and how they all directly tie in to one another. Do you want to know what the “Darkness Mythology” is all about? Are you curious about the Wakeworth family? Read on! Many of these films can be found on our Youtube page. First person who watches all of the films in order and completes the Dead Lantern Cinematic Universe (DLCU!, lol) will get an interesting prize…


  • Year: 1885
  • Character: Sarah Wakeworth

 A main character in this western involving the theft of gold, Sarah Wakeworth was a member of the family who was shunned and left to fend for herself and is now attempting to get what she feels is owed to her. And she has a plan to get it. Will she? You’ll have to wait until the release of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE to find out!

  • Year: 1952
  • Location: Wakeworth Institute for the Criminally Insane, Hollowbrook
  • Mention: Hollowbrook High

 A recurring location throughout many Dead Lantern films, the Wakeworth Institute for the Criminally Insane first appears in the timeline in this comedy feature film. The Wakeworth family has shown keen interest in the mentally insane as they ultimately factor strongly in their investigation of the unknown. The character Chet wears a Hollowbrook High letterman jacket, the first mention of the town in the timeline.

  • Year: 1955
  • Location: Donna Wakeworth’s home, Hollowbrook
  • Character: Isabelle Wakeworth and Patty Wakeworth

The first appearance of Donna Wakeworth’s home and the town of Hollowbrook, which will be central to many of the films going forward.  This short film, which serves as the prologue to the feature film THE EYES OF ISABELLE features a pre-death Isabelle Wakeworth going on a bloody rampage to kill her entire family, including Patty Wakeworth, who is able to overcome and put an end to her murderous sister…or so she thought…


  • Year: 1958
  • Location: Wakeworth Bed and Breakfast

A family as rich and powerful as the Wakeworth’s has their hands in all sorts of endeavors. Including the operating of a bed and breakfast, which serves to provide a steady supply of young victims for the family’s various needs. A very strange butler who has been employed for decades seems to be the key…

  • Year: 1985
  • Location: The Grand Theatre, Hollowbrook
  • Mention: Wakeworth Institute for the Criminally Insane

The first time we see The Grand Theatre, which will become the main location of the feature film THE GRAND HORROR after the Darkness covers the world. The Wakeworth Institute for the Criminally Insane mention comes during a radio broadcast cut-in to explain that a deranged killer wearing a Santa suit has recently escaped…

  • Year: 1999
  • Location: Hollowbrook
  • Mention: The Home of Donna Wakeworth

The first of many tragedies to occur at the home of Donna Wakeworth. This short film centers around a party that goes horribly awry as a series of brutal murders occur to a group of high school students while the Wakeworth family is away on business. The home appears to be a magnet for evil even when the family itself isn’t directly involved. Perhaps there is a reason….

  • Year: October 31st, 2011
  • Character: Cora Abbot

 One of the lesser known aspects of the Dead Lantern universe is that of the Abbot family. Whereas the Wakeworth’s are devoted to unleashing evil upon the world, the Abbot’s are there to stop them. In this short film, we see a brief glimpse of the repercussions of Abbot meddling in Wakeworth affairs when young Cora is murdered on Halloween night.

  • Year: November 11, 2011
  • Location: Wakeworth Inn and Suites 

 The first of the “Convention Trilogy”, SLEEP TIGHT is the first of three nights at a horror convention held at the Wakeworth Inn and Suites. This one tells of two men who arrive, only to find that they should have checked their beds a little closer before falling asleep….

  • Year: November 12, 2011
  • Location: Wakeworth Inn and Suites

 The second installment of the “Convention Trilogy” involves two brothers who get wrapped up in the accidental murder of a vampire cosplayer. The through thread in all three of these films is the location. Though they don’t deal with the Wakeworth’s specifically, they all occur at the same location owned and operated by the family, hinting that all that they touch becomes sort of a black hole of evil happenings.

  • Year: November 13, 2011
  • Location: Wakeworth Inn and Suites

 The third and final installment of the “Convention Trilogy”. This film follows two girls who get wrapped up in some furry-ness that turns out to be way more involved than what they thought. Who or what is behind that furry-suit? We may never know…

  • Year: December 31st, 2011/ January 1st, 2012
  • Character: Mikaela Wakeworth

 The woman who orchestrates her husband’s death is Mikaela Wakeworth. Mikeala is an applet that did not fall, at all, from the family tree, as her motivations and machinations are deeply rooted in money and power. Unfortunately, she didn’t do her arcane homework and loses more than just her husband…

  • Year: February 14th, 2012
  • Location: The Ruins of Gatharlyn

 Though the Wakeworth family are the main antagonists throughout the Dead Lantern Cinematic Universe (DLCU, haha), that does not mean they are the cause of any and all evil in the world. Sometimes, shit just happens. In this film which would make Jeff Fahey proud, a spirit hopping killer continues his spree. The main connection here are the Ruins of Gatharlyn, which are ancient stone pillars of which, legend has it, a witch once resided. Should TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE go into production, you’ll learn much more about these ruins and the witch that inhabited them…

  • Year: 2012
  • Character: Beth Wakeworth and Greg Abbot

 A tale of mental illness, LAST BREATH is the one film in the DL canon that is probably the least tethered to any of the other films in terms of direct, on screen references. In the back of my mind while working on this, this was sort of my “Romeo and Juliet”, where these two characters from warring families found each other only to end in tragedy.

  • Year: 2013
  • Artifact: Whispering Board
  • Character: Jerry Abbot

Abbot’s generally do not fare well in my films. They either die or lose everything that they love. Many of the scripts in this list, including this one, were written by Tony Crumpton without any direction to tie these things into the greater overall DL universe. In many cases I create my own backstories for these characters. This was one of those instances, where Jerry, the dead boyfriend was actually an Abbot, and the board itself is an artifact that the Wakeworth’s have been trying to acquire for a long period of time.

  • Year: 2013 
  • Location: Outskirts of Hollowbrook

 This film is more about the location. THE DITCH takes place right outside of Hollowbrook, the site of many of the films. Because the “Darkness” event does not happen until THE EYES OF ISABELLE, I still wanted to make it clear that supernatural things *do* exist in the world. They are just ratcheted up a thousand fold when the Darkness does arrive. 

  • Year: 2013
  • Character: Genoa Wakeworth

 Genoa Wakeworth, unlike Mikaela in MIDNIGHT KISS, does not care about money or power. She is interested in something far more metaphysical, like her grandfather, Declan. She believes that only through art can one make contact with the creatures beyond. And she will do everything she can to make that happen…

  • Year: October 31st, 2013
  • Characters: Kip and Martha Wakeworth
  • Location: Remodeled home (formerly Wakeworth Bed and Breakfast)

 Halloween is another recurring theme in our films. Whenever we have the chance to show something crazy happening on Halloween, the better. Originally conceived, this film was supposed to take place in the same location as BED AND BREAKFAST. Unfortunately, we were unable to film in it. The in-universe explanation is that a mysterious fire burned down the bed and breakfast and it was remodeled by Kip and Martha Wakeworth to be their living quarters.

  • Year: November 16, 2013
  • Location: Hollowbrook

 This film takes place in Hollowbrook, the main site of our films and the backstory behind it is that Samantha, the main character, is a graduate of Hollowbrook High (first mentioned in ROBO-MUMMY) and is getting her first apartment during her university studies. 

  •  Year: 2014
  • Artifact: Sabiah’s Lamp
  • Location: Hollowbrook

Sabiah’s lamp is initially given to Robert by a strange Delivery Man while residing in the town of Hollowbrook. From there, we get the ball rolling on the genies, their family, and how they interact with the real world in this initial backstory film told by Sabiah. It is established that the genies have been around for thousands of years. I suppose if a Wakeworth were to get their hands on one, it would be….bad….

  •  Year: 2015
  • Artifact: Sabiah’s Lamp

 This film begins establishing the “rules” of genies within the universe and the fact that lamps can be found, literally, anywhere at anytime. We also establish that the genies have families and set up a meta commentary on the rules of the universe itself, as Jeff regularly comments on the many stories that Sabiah tells. So were all those previous films in the timeline actually real or just tales by a sexy genie? Hmm….

  •  Year: 2015
  • Artifact: Sabiah’s Lamp

 What happens when a brutal killer gets his hands on a magical genie lamp? That’s the question explored in this short film. How this all links in with the other stuff cannot be explained at this time because, well, that would spoil the surprise when CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE is released later this year…

  •  Year: 2015
  • Artifact: Mahktoonah’s Lamp

 In this short film, we are introduced to Mahktoonah, Sabiah’s little sister when Jeff once again finds a genie lamp. The two of them then go on odyssey involving all manner of interesting things, such as cyclops, witches, and..wait, what? This film also further delves into the backstory of the genies and that a mother exists. Wondering how this is all going to link into a “Darkness” event swallowing the earth as described below? Well, you’ll have to tune into CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE to find out!

  • 2016
  • Artifact: Necronomicon
  • Location: The Grand Theatre, Hollowbrook
  • Character: Mr. Randolph

This film takes place, once again, at The Grand Theatre, a hub for evil as we see what happens when a cursed play is given life. The character of “Mr. Randolph” is a member of the infamous Wakeworth family and does what he can to usher in a new era of darkness upon the world. Does he succeed? You’ll have to watch to find out!

  •  Year: 2016
  • Characters: Isabelle Wakeworth, Patty Wakeworth, Kris Wakeworth, Donna Wakeworth, Declan Wakeworth, Leon
  • Location: Hollowbrook, The home and barn of Donna Wakeworth

The main film that centers around the Wakeworth family. Not only are we introduced to major players Isabelle, Declan, and Kris, but further details of the backstory of Declan’s illicit bargain with ancient gods to further his family’s fortune are explored. This film takes place immediately prior, during, and after the “Darkness” covers the earth, which resurrects Isabelle to go on her bloody rampage of revenge.

  •  Year: 2016
  • Location: The Grand Theatre, Hollowbrook
  • Character mention: Jack Lasch

This location was first seen as the site of A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY in which an escaped lunatic from the Wakeworth Institute for the Criminally Insane murdered several theatre volunteers on Christmas Eve. When the Darkness envelops the world, a small group of survivors find their way into the theatre for safety only to discover that the ghosts of Jack Lasch, the owner who murdered his employees in the 50’s, are alive and well.

  •  Year: 2016
  • Character: Leon
  • Location: Donna Wakeworth’s barn
  • Mention: The Grand Theatre

OUTPOST DOOM is the third film in the main trilogy of “Darkness” films. The barn location is actually the barn next to Donna Wakeworth’s home, which is originally seen in A RIPPER RUNS THROUGH IT and was the main location for THE EYES OF ISABELLE. This barn was also the location of the deaths of Velda and Eric from that film, and the place where Leon escaped to when attempting to come back from his booze run in the storm.

  •  Year: 2016
  • Location: Hollowbrook, Basement of Donna Wakeworth’s house

This short takes place during the events of OUTPOST DOOM. Unbeknownst to the survivors taking shelter in the barn, another group was trapped in the basement of Donna Wakeworth’s home, facing their own horrors.

  •  Year: 2020
  • Character: Josh Abbot
  • Artifact: Isabelle Wakeworth’s mask

Josh Abbot is a professional hitman who specializes in the removal of supernatural entities. 4 years after the world was enveloped by darkness, the remnants of humanity have persevered. In a brief glimpse of the contents of his trunk, we see that he has obtained the mask of Isabelle Wakeworth, indicating he has enacted some semblance of revenge on the family that has tormented his for so many decades. How he did so is a story for another time…

  •  Year: 2022
  • Character: Veronica Payne

Veronica Payne’s maiden name is Wakeworth. She is married to a powerful congressman and has interesting abilities all to herself. In a world of magic, Veronica may be the most powerful user. What she is attempting to do and what she’s involved in are all secrets that will be revealed with the release of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE in 2019…

  • Year: 2037
  • Characters: Nyx and Richard

This film exists in two separate worlds as it is an offshoot of a film done by other filmmakers and which includes characters from that world and new characters created for the Dead Lantern universe. You can view it from either perspective. For DL purposes, Richard is dabbling in dark arts which brings the goddess Nyx into the world. This film exists in a time after the Darkness has left the world. What happened? Is Richard a Wakeworth? Only time will tell…


More and more films are forthcoming, including THE CALLING OF THE THINGS BEYOND, and more details do need to be added to all of the above films. But at the very least, there is a starting point for all of you intrepid DL fans who are curious about how everything connects.

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