The Devil’s Corkscrew Now Casting!

Dead Lantern Pictures is in the home stretch of finishing CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE, a horror anthology which is a sequel to the critically acclaimed SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE!
On September 3rd and 4th we will be shooting THE DEVIL’S CORKSCREW, a horror western right here in Nebraska! We have a bunch of roles we are looking to fill. Character descriptions are below.

Please e-mail for a copy of the sides and instructions on how to submit a video audition!

  • SEAMUS (Co-Lead, Male, 20-39) – A hired hand gunfighter who is hired to protect a group who has stolen a large amount of gold.
  • SARAH (Co-Lead, Female, 20-29) – A former prostitute who will stop at nothing to obtain the gold and live the life she feels she deserves
  • GRIM REAPER (supporting, Male, 20-60) – A black clad gunfighter who brings death to those who steal the gold
  • OLD COWBOY (Supporting, Male, 50+) – An old and tired gunfighter with a secret
  • EMMETT (Supporting, Male 20-29) – A young, cocky gunfighter looking to make a name for himself.
  • JAMES (Major supporting, Male 20-40) – A school teacher caught up in a frightening battle with death.
  • CHARLOTTE – (Major Supporting, Female, 20-35) – A young, deeply religious woman who has reservations about stealing the gold
  • ALBERT – (Minor Supporting, Male, 40-60) – A rich banker who loves wealth and gold
  • BILL – (Minor Supporting, Male 20-40) – An injured man trying to survive
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