Morgan, Roxcy, Megan, Anastasia, and Jamie!

Dead Lantern Pictures is honored and thrilled to be working with all of these talented actresses on TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE, the 3rd and final film of the SPINE trilogy! You can view SHIVERS and CHILLS on Amazon right now! All proceeds go to helping us make the epic conclusion. Please see below for a bit on their characters!

Megan Garcia as Sabiah, Mahktoonah, and Zaafirah!

Megan Garcia returns once again! In SHIVERS she played Sabiah, in CHILLS she played Sabiah and Mahktoonah, and now, for TINGLES, she will play the roles again, and introduce a new character Zaafirah!

Zaafirah is head of the warrior Djinn and has been tasked with not only protecting the other genies, but kicking the ass of anything that comes in their path. Zaafirah is a cold, calculating killer and will stop at nothing to protect her sisters…

Anastasia August as Eladari!

Anastasia August is back as Eladari, the “Big Bad” of TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE! Eladari is a half Djinn, half demon hybrid of immense power who was awoken by the events of the CHILLS finale (Seriously, click here to watch it!)

She’s the ultimate evil and drains all life around her. Did I mention she’s indestructible? To be defeated, it may take some a number of artifacts across the Dead Lantern Cinematic Timeline

Roxcy Rowen as Kamaria!

Roxcy Rowen returns as Kamaria! Last seen during the intermission of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE, she is the happy go lucky “lighten the mood”, even in the face of utter horror member of the group.

Though her bubbly exterior can rub her fellow sisters the wrong way, she is actually a master tactician and considered the most clever of all the Djinn. Will she be able to outsmart Eladari and help save the world?

Morgan Monet as Fahmidah!

Morgan Monet joins the Dead Lantern family in her first role for us as Fahmidah! Her character speaks in riddles and is believed to be insane. Unfortunately, she’s the only one who can identify the artifacts needed to fight Eladari.

Why is she so special? You’ll have to wait to find out!

Jamie Nichole as Aseerah!

And we also welcome Jamie Nichole to the DL family in her first role as Aseerah! Her character is sort of the “Dr. Strange” of the group, as she is a master or spells that allow the genies to cross space and time. She can also shapeshift..

Aseerah has a fiery personality and often butts heads with the other Djinn, making her a wild card. Will she turn out to be friend…or foe?

We are absolutely stoked to be working with all of these wonderful actors and look forward to bringing the TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE conclusion to your eyeballs! We are looking to film late summer of 2021 (assuming the world is safe) and will be bringing you much more content as the months of pre-production go on!

Once again, please check out SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE and CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE to show support!

p.s. And you never know, there may be one more special surprise Djinn in the cards….

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