The End of the Line

Hey, all!

Mathew, here. I am announcing that Dead Lantern Pictures has taken leave from the filmmaking game. There will be no further films made under this banner that we started way back in 2005 (15+ years, crazy).

You may be asking “What?! Aren’t you making TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE?” The short answer is “No” and the long answer is nothing that needs to be gotten into here. Just know that Indie filmmaking is a long, stressful endeavor and even under the best of circumstances it’s hard to do. Add health issues and life events to it and sometimes you just gotta call it a day.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, including all of our friends and family. I especially want to thank all of the cast and crew members who went through the fire to make these films. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and passion went into them and we hope you all were entertained, whether good or bad. Personally, the best part of making all these films was the friendships we created and will continue to have for the rest of our lives. 5 feature films, dozens of shorts, and the best group of friends that anyone can have; I have no regrets.

Though we won’t be making TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE in cinematic form, you never know if you may end up seeing it in some other medium down the road. Filmmaking may be over, but stories…well, those always seem to get out in some way shape or form….

We also have one more last feature film that we’re excited to show you all: RETURN OF THE ROBO-MUMMY FROM OUTER SPACE PART 7! That’s still in the can and sort of got pushed to the side while we were preparing TINGLES but that will be the last thing we release, probably next year, I’d imagine. I might just release it for free on Youtube as a thank you to all of the people who have supported us over the years. We’ll let you know when that’s out in the world.

So thanks again, everyone. We appreciate your support and hope to see all of you at Crypticon Kansas City one last time for a weekend of fun this July 16-18. Plus, you’ll get a chance to pickup CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE, autographed by all of us. The DL Youtube Channel will remain up for some of our old stuff and you’ll still be able to pick up our films on Amazon and here on the site if you want physical media (while supplies last).

Godspeed, all!

-Mathew Kister (Writer, Editor, Director of Dead Lantern Pictures)

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2 thoughts on “The End of the Line

  1. Man! I just found you! I watched Shivers down your spine and was looking for chills down your spine because Amazon says I cant watch it in my area (who knows why?). After seeing it I really wanted to see what else your team has done. It made me sad that you are getting out because I think your team is a good one and I really liked the shivers movie. I really hope you all change your mind, but you know more about it than I do, so I just wish good things for you all!

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