The Eyes of Isabelle (2012)

The film that nearly broke us. And probably did, for a time. THE EYES OF ISABELLE was a female driven slasher film that was first started in 2011 and ultimately finished in 2015, screening once, and only once, at the Prairie Lights Film Festival. There isn’t time to discuss everything that went wrong during the making of this film, perhaps that would be excellent content for our Youtube Channel, but rest assured it was awful. It took us 4 damn years to finally be able to cobble something together. A lot of people who had watched OUTPOST DOOM wanted “blood and boobs” and I was like “Fine”, and thus, this movie was born.

The poster to the left was done by Charlie Cody. I mean, it’s a pretty epic poster. You can find a ton of behind-the-scenes photos and screenshots of this film on our Tumblr page.

The trailer for the film is below. And if that intrigues you, well…

The film will be released on special edition Bluray in early 2019! E-mail us to reserve your copy today!

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