The Grand Horror (2006)

THE GRAND HORROR (IMDB link) was shot in 2oo5  (we even had a Myspace Page!) and was the first film made by Dead Lantern Pictures. We literally bought (and then promptly returned when finished) a mini-dv camcorder from the Grand Island Wal-Mart and went on a 12 weekend journey over the course of the summer to make a damn movie.  The script was written in about 2 weeks after we were given a tour of the recently purchased Grand Theatre, an amazing place that was originally built in the 30’s and had fallen into disrepair. Thinking “We’re never going to find a location as cool as this”, the theatre gave us our impetus to dive head first into movie making and see what would happen. What ensued was a fun, frustrating, tiring, exhilarating, and formative summer and somehow, someway, we ended up with 30 hours of footage which was then edited in Windows Moviemaker on a really shitty desktop. Sometimes, you just got to get out and do what you can with the tools at your disposal!

We ended up spending about $300 to make this movie. The DVD packaging was done by T.J. Roe, who also starred in the film and would go on to design the packaging for OUTPOST DOOM and SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE. This film would also introduce our “Darkness” mythology. Fun fact, every single Dead Lantern film exists within the same cinematic universe. And yes, we were thinking of that before Marvel! 🙂

The film exists in two versions. The “World Premiere” cut, which was shown at a packed Grand Theatre, and then the “DVD Cut”, where we chopped around 10-15 minutes off of the film. Both versions are currently available to view below on our youtube channel.  The DVD is currently out of print, though someday….maybe we’ll see an anniversary edition…


  • Dread Central: “Honestly, watching The Grand Horror was far more fun and entertaining than I had ever expected. At times the on-screen tension outdid recent Hollywood releases that banked on scares but didn’t delivery any.”
  • Horror Talk: “The Grand Horror is a good start, a step in right direction, and with this experience under their belt Dead Lantern might yet grow into a promising enterprise”
  • Arrow in the Head: “It’s part Night of the Living Dead, part Demons and a little bit of The Shining.”

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  • T.J. Roe as T.J
  • Jeremy Cech as Jeremy
  • Steve Eaton as Steve
  • Rhyann Crooks as Rhyann
  • Pam Ryan as Pam
  • Robert Kister as Robert
  • Ali Aguilar as the Void Ghost
  • Jeff Gustafson as the Janitorial Ghost
  • John Evans as the Cannibal Ghost
  • Carlin Mackie as the Boiler Room Ghost
  • Scarlett Page as the Bathroom Ghost

The film had its World Premiere on Saturday, October 28th in Grand Island, Nebraska at the Grand Theatre.

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