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The Abbot Library, located in Marblehead, Massachusetts , was founded in 1878 by Benjamin Abbot.

A quote found in a 1950’s tourism pamphlet states:

“One of the popular sights of Marblehead is the famous Abbot Library where legend states that it was built on top of a great treasure. It is said that clues to the treasure were left within the scores of books that line the shelves. Think you can solve the mystery? Then come spend some time at the Abbot Library!”

No treasure has ever been found and most locals chalk the story up to a publicity stunt by a man named Phineas Hawthorne who began a campaign to get the local towns-children to visit the library after school. The “treasure” was thought to be a means to encourage the local children to read more. However, the campaign was quietly ended around a month later when a young local boy named Alfred Denton went missing; he was never found.

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