Tingles Down Your Spine auditions at Prairie Lights!

Show off your chops!

Dead Lantern Pictures will be holding auditions for TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE, the third and final film in the horror anthology series that started with SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE and continues with the soon to be released CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE!

Auditions will be held at the Prairie Lights Film Festival on Saturday, October 12th from 3:00-4:30 pm during Saturday’s intermission. We’ll be looking to cast a large number of roles, including those listed below, for filming next spring/summer of 2020.

You can book a time slot for you audition by sending an e-mail to DeadLanternPictures@gmail.com . Times will be first come, first serve! We hope to see you all at PLFF to audition and to network with other filmmakers!


A comedic wraparound story in which a family of genies attempt to put the world back together again after humanity has wished itself into extinction. Without humans to find their lamps, genies are beginning to die off. It is up to a royal family to fix the mess!  

This wraparound is a continuation of the mythology that began in both SHIVERS and CHILLS and deals with the repercussions of both Sabiah and Mahktoonah’s adventures in the first two films. This is will be a straight comedy, played for laughs.

BAHEERA (Female, any age range)-  Queen of the Djinn and mother of sisters Sabiah and Mahktoonah. When she realizes what her daughters have wrought on the earth, she takes them on a fantastical journey to the underworld in order to restore reality. This role would require topless nudity.

ELADARI (Female, any age range) – The sister of BAHEERA and rival to the throne. She is on her own journey to usurp her sister and destroy her daughters once and for all. This role would require topless nudity.

ZAABIT (Male, any age range) – A male genie serving under ELADARI who is in love with both Sabiah and Mahktoonah but can’t quite figure out who is who due to his lack of short term memory. This role would require nudity.

GHAILAN (Male, any age range) – The Lord of the Underworld who currently has all of the souls of humanity…and does not want to give them up.


In 1942 Hollywood, a young newspaper reporter is on the trail of a mysterious mirror that the top movie starlets of the time are using to stay relevant. She is determined to figure out what the connection is. This will be a black and white horror noir.

JUDITH (any age): An intrepid reporter who will stop at nothing to discover the secret of the mirror…

LINDA (any age): A famous movie starlet

NANCY (any age): An aging movie starlet who will stop at nothing to re-obtain the mirror

BENJAMIN (male, any age): A Hollywood studio mogul with a link to the strange mirror


  Inspired by 80’s slasher like Slumber Party Massacre! A group of college girls are terrorized by a masked killer! Will they survive the blizzard or will they all die in gruesome, gory ways? Note: These roles would require nudity.

TRISH (college age): Strong willed leader of the group. Tries to keep every calm and safe. The others aside from Valerie look to her for leadership.

KIM (college age): Incredibly flirtatious. Sneaks her boyfriend Rod over and ends up a crying mess/problem after his death. The other girls basically think she’s a nympho.

DIANE (college age): The ditzy one of the group. She likes to chew bubblegum and go along with the crowd.

VALERIE (college age): The schemer. She has a very sarcastic personality and can come across incredibly bitchy. Clashes with Trish for Alpha-female status.

ROD (college age): The douchebag boyfriend oblivious to the horrors occurring around him


An ancient mummy is discovered and awakens to find her lost love isn’t so lost any longer…

The Mummy (Female, tall, any age): An ancient mummy brought back to life.

Dan (30’s, male): The mummy’s lost love, reincarnated.

Allison (30’s, female): Dan’s wife and someone not to happy to learn of his ancient bride.


 It’s Halloween night and what better way to celebrate than to party in an old mansion! Little do the revelers know that the house is occupied by pint sized puppet killers! This film is a straight horror film with comedic elements.

PUPPET-MANCER (any age range) – The man behind the killer puppets. This role would require extensive facial prosthetics an age makeup.

JOE (any age range) – A loudmouth jock who just wants to drink beer and score chicks

DONNY (any age range) – Knows of the house’s history; wants to find the alleged puppets

BRIE (any age range) – A happy go lucky punker with an affinity for chocolate

APRIL (any age range) – Joe’s sexy sorority girlfriend who is more interested in the other guys. Please note this role would require nudity/love scene

PATRICK (any age range) – the drummer in a band who is planning to play the party.


A comedic action 70’s exploitation throwback! After a cocaine fueled night of decadence with a drug cartel’s daughter, Benito Garcia is on the run from bounty hunters, law enforcement, the Mexican military, and his own wife! This short will feature numerous fight scenes and will be a very over the top action comedy.

CARTEL LEADER – The Big Bad of the film who will stop at nothing to have Benito Garcia’s head on a platter! We will be looking for someone very over the top.

CARTEL LEADER DAUGHTER (Female,18 or older -college age) – On the run with Benito, she’s whacked out, cracked out, and gun crazy! Please note this role would require nudity and love scene

BOUNTY HUNTER (Female, any age range) – The scariest and most deadly assassin in the world has been paid handsomely to take out Benito! Do you have what it takes to be the most bad ass killer in the world? Previous weapons training would be helpful for this role.

BENITO’S WIFE (Female, 35 or older) – She’s taken Benito’s shit for the last time! She’s on the hunt to take out not only him, but his cheating mistress as well. Will she get to him before everyone else does?


In 56 B.C., a grizzled Roman military man comes home to find his wife and child murdered. He hears of a beautiful witch who can bring them back…for a price. This will be a straight horror film filled with gory fx work!

THE CENTURION (Male, any age range): Weapons training and ability to carry heavy armor/sword is recommended. Ability to utilize an accent is preferable (Italian, British, etc)

THE WITCH ( Female, any age range): Ability to do accents is preferable. This role will require use of prosthetics for a transformation sequence. Please note, this role would require nudity.


 A gory ode to killer scarecrow flicks! In this short, an ancient curse brings about a night of mayhem as a scarecrow goes on a rampage while trying to get his human body restored

SCARECROW: (any age range): A tall, murderous scarecrow! Would require prosthetics and ability to run in costume.

JEN (any age range): While helping her father with the farm, she discovers a secret relating to the curse that will change everything…

BEN: (age 40+, male): Jen’s father, BEN is a farmer who has used the scarecrow to great effect for the past 20 years…

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