Xbox Live Gamertags

A list of Xbox Live Gamertags for people you might know from here at Dead Lantern. Want to get awkward game invites from us dorks? Just leave your Gamertag in a comment on this page!

Xbox Live Gamertag Dead Lantern Name
DeadLanternMaT Mat
Steviepoo83 Steve
SameOldSchmidt Jeff
onelonedork Deejay
renderjack Jackie
TEEN IDOL 12 Teen*Idol
An Angry Ronin Ronin (Sleepy Cast)

26 Responses

  1. Hey guys, I just started listening to yer podcast yesterday and I LOVE it-I’m currently catching up right now.

    I’d be down to play left 4 dead with you guys, my gamertag is Sketch Sanchez

  2. Just added y’all, and completed No Mercy on the ol’ 360 (on easy!). Let you know if I every get a gold account 🙂

    Hope L4D night went well!

  3. some fucking cuntscab has my fucking nickname for their gamertag. ill fucking track them down and end their ass!

  4. My gamertag: AvantTrash
    my roommate’s is ThatGuyJeremy
    Right now we just have Halo 3 but if someone is over L4D or any of the Rockband/Guitar Hero Games/Controllers they can send them our way.

  5. Just got a Super elite after being a ps3 ‘man’, added you guys, getting l4d2 at Xmas, be nice because I’m gonna be utter shite at this game for a few weeks

  6. Long time listener. Totally up for some netflix movie parties and maybe some gaming too. Gamertag is Aquamentus

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