Xbox Live Gamertags

A list of Xbox Live Gamertags for people you might know from here at Dead Lantern. Want to get awkward game invites from us dorks? Just leave your Gamertag in a comment on this page!

Xbox Live Gamertag Dead Lantern Name
DeadLanternMaT Mat
Steviepoo83 Steve
SameOldSchmidt Jeff
onelonedork Deejay
renderjack Jackie
TEEN IDOL 12 Teen*Idol
An Angry Ronin Ronin (Sleepy Cast)

26 Responses

  1. Hey guys, I just started listening to yer podcast yesterday and I LOVE it-I’m currently catching up right now.

    I’d be down to play left 4 dead with you guys, my gamertag is Sketch Sanchez

  2. some fucking cuntscab has my fucking nickname for their gamertag. ill fucking track them down and end their ass!

  3. My gamertag: AvantTrash
    my roommate’s is ThatGuyJeremy
    Right now we just have Halo 3 but if someone is over L4D or any of the Rockband/Guitar Hero Games/Controllers they can send them our way.

  4. Just got a Super elite after being a ps3 ‘man’, added you guys, getting l4d2 at Xmas, be nice because I’m gonna be utter shite at this game for a few weeks

  5. Long time listener. Totally up for some netflix movie parties and maybe some gaming too. Gamertag is Aquamentus

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